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It can be overwhelming to remove furniture from a home or office. Furniture is awkwardly is bulky, heavy and takes a skilled team to haul it away.
Our property cleanout team in Pittsburgh has the experience and skills to remove large and heavy furniture from homes, offices, and multiple storied buildings. We carry your furniture down to the ground floor over staircases and through narrow hallways and door openings. We haul away couches, love seats, sofas, sectionals, recliner chairs, tables, desks, ottomans, hutches, bookcases, and more. Our company has experience in removing old and big furniture from properties. Call us for help with your estate cleanout, storage cleanout, office cleanout or foreclosure project.

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Removing and disposing of furniture can be quite a task: not only do you need to break down and move those heavy things out the door, but you need to find out what to do with them. Most municipalities do not allow individual furniture pieces left on the curb, and you need to rely on their tight schedule for pickup. And that doesn’t include all of the heavy lifting you need to do. When you hire our company, we guarantee friendly customer service and a job well-done. Besides that, our eco-friendly mission pushes to ensure that as much of your furniture as possible is recycled or donated. Let us know what you want to do with your old and dingy furniture. If you want to transport it to a friend or family member, give it to charity or simply get rid of it, let us know. The cost depends on what you want to do with the furniture, how many pieces there are, and the size and weight of the load. You will get a breakout of all the costs with our free quotes before the service.

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